Hungarian startup gives VR tours of Buda Castle

Hungarian startup VR Tours Budapest organizes sightseeing tours of Buda Castle, where attendees can see seven significant historic Hungarian events that took place near the Castle using VR goggles.

So far, only Romania and Israel provide a similar service, the company tells the Budapest Business Journal.


The 360-degree experience takes in the Tatar and Turkish invasions, the 1686 reoccupation of the Castle, the 1848-49 Revolution and War of Independence, the “happy times” of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise, the German invasion of 1945 as well as the Revolution of 1956.

“Our country’s history is rather diverse and rich, full of exciting events, which prove to be interesting for both Hungarian and foreign tourists,” explains VR Tours Budapest operations manager Márton Kurucz. “VR technology has reached a level by now where users can travel back in time, meaning we can experience different eras in three dimensions.”

The video for each event lasts about five to seven minutes with narration available in five different languages explaining the historical context to tourists. Kurucz hopes that in the future school classes might also attend these tours to help students learn history in an interactive way.

“After almost a year of intensive development work, we launched the first VR Tours Budapest tour a few weeks ago in the Buda Castle district. We believe that we can provide an extraordinary experience to Hungarians as well as foreigners, which meets all their newest needs and wishes,” Kurucz adds.