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Budapest-based AerinX Raised EUR 2 Million of VC Investment

Mixed Reality Pioneer Provides Hi-Tech System for Streamlined Aircraft Inspections

Takarék Venture Capital Fund I. managed by Dutch-Hungarian VC company DBH Investment has invested EUR 2 million into Budapest-based AerinX in a Pre-Series A round. The company develops and provides digital aircraft maintenance solutions. AerinX plans to enter international markets with its highly…

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Budapest-based Ait Smart Desk running a highly successful campaign on Indiegogo

A new revolutionary smart desk helps office workers live a healthier life, be it at home or at their workplace

It is considered a fact that working all day behind an office desk may have long term negative effects on health - as studies show, 83% of US employees suffer from work-related stress, while roughly 49% of all British workers have bad backs. Now, that a huge number of people made the abrupt…

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Hungary to be a springboard to Europe for startups from Azerbaijan

Budapest can serve as a European innovation hub for Azerbaijani startups and ecosystem stakeholders

Budapest-based EuroAsian Startup Awards and Baku-based SUP Accelerator partnered to strengthen relations between the two startup ecosystems and cooperate on a mutually beneficial basis. The aim is to help the promising Azerbaijani innovators reach the European markets and establish more and more…

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A new chapter is about to start between the startup ecosystems of V4 and Eurasian countries

Key stakeholders of Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Georgian, Moldovan, Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian startup scene as well as the NGO leaders of the Central European region gathered in Hungary between 22-24 March. More than 70 startup ecosystem shepherds and NGO representatives from 15…

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Budapest-based AerinX promises to cut the rate of aircraft disasters with AR solution

High-tech system makes external surface checks on aircrafts faster, simpler and more precise

Hungarian firm AerinX is developing an augmented reality (AR) solution for the external inspection and maintenance of aircraft and other aerial vehicles. The company has already started a partnership with one of the largest Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul companies of Central and Eastern Europe to…

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SMART 2016: Már nem csak a Szilícium-völgyben érhet el sikert egy startup

Európában is egyre több feltétel adott a virágzó innovációs piachoz

Bár Amerika még több szempontból Európa előtt jár a technológiai újítások és a startup kultúra terén, ma már nem kell a Szilícium-völgybe költözni a nemzetközi sikerhez. Ez volt a legfontosabb konklúziója a SMART 2016 okostechnológiai- és startup konferenciának, mely a Telekom rangos nemzetközi…

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