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Budapest-based AerinX and VD Gulf launch partnership to implement innovative aircraft maintenance technology

AerinX in cooperation with VD Gulf as a leading independent MRO company in the Middle East region will apply mixed reality-based system following a successful pilot

The total size of the market of high-tech digital MRO solutions is projected to grow from USD 606 million in 2020 to USD 1,809 million by 2030 meaning an average annual growth rate of 11% according to experts. AerinX is aiming to be a major player in this fast-developing segment. As an important…

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Budapest-based AerinX promises to cut the rate of aircraft disasters with AR solution

High-tech system makes external surface checks on aircrafts faster, simpler and more precise

Hungarian firm AerinX is developing an augmented reality (AR) solution for the external inspection and maintenance of aircraft and other aerial vehicles. The company has already started a partnership with one of the largest Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul companies of Central and Eastern Europe to…

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